No Body Left Behind - Represent Your Body, Your Beauty

No Body Left Behind (#nblb) is a real movement

This stems from everybody’s core value of who we are.  If you exist, you are beautiful and there is no reason to, or no time to, feel ashamed of your body, no matter what anyone says.  We are promoting the true beauty of individual human and we NEVER want to leave any body behind.  We’re creating the movement on social media #nblb because when we come together, all of us, can make the world a better, inclusive, and beautiful place.  Let’s roll on with the revolution!

We want no credit. We just want as many people around the world to support this vision, no matter who, men and women.

We are 21Squared, Inc., started by people like you who realized the problem we're all having with fashion. We decided to go change the fashion world by creating an all-inclusive fashion community and a marketplace.

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