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Tired of wrong fit after you order online? 21Squared can help!

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Introducing 21Squared

We realized how frustrating it is to shop for clothes online without knowing how they fit on you. When you visit a vendor's website, all you see are the pictures of clothes modeled by people whom look nothing like you. Wouldn't it be great if you can know the fit before ordering online?

Well, that's the concept of 21Squared. Through our huge user-collaborated database of apparels and patent-pending technology, we can help you find the outfit THAT WORKS. All from your fingertips; no need to go try on something in store. It's fun and easy!

21Squared is your fashion world


How do I use 21Squared?

Fit Match OptimizedAll at a Glance

Know how it fits before ordering online.

We give you the proprietary matching % which indicates how close your fit is to the model without sharing your personal information. The higher the matching %, the better the fit!

You can remove doubts about online fashion shopping. No more "this didn't fit right." Saves you the hassle of returns!

Personalized Shopping ExperienceJust For You

Shop brands you love, without the worry.

You can now shop without worrying about the fit or availability! The trending fashion is showcased by someone similar to you, while we make sure we offer you the latest product information. What you see is currently available for purchase.

Community driven, exploring new fashion is even more fun! It's like having your own mall at your fingertip without the hassle of fitting rooms or guessing the size.

How can I contribute?

Pose, Snap, Tag, PostIt's That Simple.

Tag to share, inspire others.

We would love to see you contribute! And trust us, there are A LOT of people who want to see what you're wearing, just as much as you love to browse.

Wear that favorite brand new jacket and snap a picture using our patent-pending technology! You can simply tap to tag the product and scan the UPC/barcode. Ready? Tap "Done" and you're a true model!

Be rewarded by promoting on yourfavorite social media

You can take the post with your new favorite jacket, post it on social media of your choice! When you contribute, you will be rewarded when someone buys the product you're promoting.

Interested about rewards?

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Why 21Squared?


We optimize the size just for you. Shop the brands you love without worrying about the fit.


What you see is available. We make sure products are in season and in stock.


Save yourself time and the hassle of returning products when you know what you're buying.