Photo Credit : Jessamyn Stanley

I am so fortunate to live in the same city as Valerie Sagun, the author of “Big Gal Yoga: Poses and Practices” and she also has a local yoga practice where people of all body types are welcome.  I have also enjoyed hosting yoga events in my boutique and Valerie Sagun taught us how to make yoga work for our fat bodies.  It was so empowering and so helpful. I felt like it always really helped me with my flexibility and toning of my arms and legs. Was fabulous!

Our Brand Ambassador, Jasmine Reeder, recently hosted a Curvy Girl yoga event on November 11th in Washington D.C. with Felicia Taliaferro and she had a fabulous turnout, too.  I thought I would share with you 7 yogis you may have not heard of before and link to their Instagram accounts.

It’s so much fun exercising with bodies that look like your own body. And, the cool thing that Valerie would do at her classes is to help us alter the moves for our own bodies. Like, for me, I would need to move my tummy around to work for the various moves. When Valerie taught us, since she is also in a larger body, it was not awkward or uncomfortable since we were all in larger bodies. I hope you can find a yoga practice in your area that is friendly to all bodies.

7 Body Positive / Body Acceptance Yoga Instructors

  1. Big Gal Yoga :  Valerie Sagun
  2. My Name is Jessamyn : Jessamyn Stanley
  3. Body Positive Yoga : Amber Karnes 
  4. More To Love Yoga :  Rachel Estapa
  5. Buddha Body Yoga : Michael Hayes
  6. Fat Black Yogini :  Dianne Bondy
  7. Curvy Yoga :  Anna Guest-Jelley

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Photo Credit : Big Gal Yoga

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