ashley nell tipton

Ashley Nell Tipton

Ashley Nell Tipton, a powerful and inspiring personality of the plus-size fashion community, delighted us all when she made it as a breakout plus-size designer on Project Runway. This exciting development was collectively applauded by the entire plus-size community, as now, one of our own kind has ventured into the dramatically glamorous world of fashion. Today, she leads the fashion industry on plus-size trends with her enigmatic and powerful plus-size brand.

Ashley was already famous with her indie-inspired plus-size designs before she made it to Project Runway, and her journey towards success and acceptance has been a challenging one. Throughout her time at school, she was bullied for her weight, and during middle and high school, this bullying grew incessantly unforgiving.

She found solace and acceptance while sewing with her grandmother, and soon, it became clear that fashion is the ultimate fashion of her life. She studied it through college, and even though her design school provided little education on plus-size fashion, Ashley found a way to inculcate plus-size design in her assignments and thesis. She later went to work on plus-size and straight-size collections for various popular street brands.

While working on starting a plus-size brand that offered variety and glamour to curvy goddesses like her, in 2012, she got the opportunity to showcase her talent at the Full Figured Fashion Week. Her designs garnered amazing reviews, and the industry was stunned by her knowledge and craft that outshined those of mainstream fashion brands.

Ashley believes that even though the plus-size industry is growing, it is not growing fast enough and the pace needs to be increased. Now that Ashley has emerged as the first independent plus-size designer to showcase her designs at a powerful platform like Project Runway, we are confident that she will pave the way for making runways and the profession of modeling more curve-friendly and body positive.

Her online store, Ashley Nell Tipton Designs, provides curvy women a glorious catalog of insanely creative and exclusive designs.  She intends to provide accessible and admirable clothing items and ensembles that allow women to establish a personal connection with their wardrobe.

It is evident that Ashley wants to become the best plus-size designer in America, and we are not surprised because her unconventional designs and eccentric variety of materials, such as an entire dress for old polaroid pictures, makes her outfits a masterpiece of glamour and creativity. She stunned us all when she was crowned as the winner of the show Project Runway, and it was definitely a win that was the cause of celebration for the entire plus-size community.

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