**This is part of our special Confidence Building series of blogs. We want to help everyone and anyone feel their best!**

Confidence is attractive. It is more important than looks, clothing, hairstyle, and makeup. It is the aura that attracts more positive things to a person and follows the rules of the law of attraction. The aura it sends out is a complete package. No editing needed. How can you make yourself more attractive as a female in today’s society? It is not about beauty or power: let me give you some suggestions to try out.  After all, you must truly know and love yourself, and commit to success at all times.

1. Manage Stress

Do not allow anyone to cause you to doubt yourself. Like attracts like, so if you have a negative person bringing you down, don’t allow them to win. Most of all, don’t worry about it because in your gut you know you are doing your personal best and that is confidence.

2. Dress your personal best

In drama there is always a dress rehearsal, so put on what looks and feels good to you. Use your intuition because you know inside of yourself what looks great and feels great. Looking and feeling become a marriage and you cannot have one without the other.

3. Wear your scents

Aphrodisiacs and scents can help anyone improve their confidence. The scent of vanilla attracts the male gender as does the color red. It can boost your confidence when you get the second look.

4. Accepting compliment humbly

Accept any compliment graciously and humbly. It is wonderful to be validated by others when you are at your best. Just don’t let it become unbalanced to where you are too low or too high. Confidence is not an overinflated ego, nor is it a doormat.

5. Learning About Yourself

Take responsibility for educating yourself on body type and how to flatter it, what colors are good for your type, and what styles flatter your figure. With the easy access to all information on fashion on the internet, no-one has an excuse not to educate themselves. For example, my daughter learns best from YouTube videos on how best to apply make up. The short and simple videos are great teaching tools because you get to see someone do it, and you are not graded. Another thing that will boost your confidence.

6. Knowing Your History

Always remember how far you have come and how much you have grown and then pat yourself on the back. It’s important not to give up and to continue to raise self esteem as a habit.

7. Being a Human

Never be ashamed of your body or of being human. Guess what, we are all human and we are all unique. Don’t listen to folks who try to tell you what to do with your body, it’s your choice, you live in it.

8. Accepting the Truth

Accept hearing the truth even if it is hard. Sometimes we hear things we don’t want to but the truth will not hurt you long term. Be able to accept it and then make the appropriate changes or modifications.

9. Personal Hygiene

Stay on top of good grooming and hygiene all the time. This goes without saying.

10. Know Thyself

If you know who you are and what is best for you, all of the above should go easily. Ask questions of yourself to find the truth within. This will create a strong foundation for you to stand firm in what you know to be right.

And Lastly…

And always stand tall with good posture, set tiny goals, find a solution not a problem in all things, and keep an attitude of gratitude. These things work for me. Last but not least, subliminal message yourself with the song “What’s wrong with being confident,” by Demi Lovato, because the more you hear it, the more you will believe it. This truth will combat all the negative things in your life. I hope you all progress forward and conquer. At 21Squared, our goal is your goal; let’s achieve it together!

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